How long will it take to get a machine?


Currently we have a 3-5 week waiting list. A deposit of half the purchase price will                 reserve a spot in line. Once your machine is built and tested to our standards it will take       a day to a week for the machine to arrive. 



Do I need an air compressor to operate the rosin press?


The IE36 does not require an air compressor. The IE48 and IE108 require an air compressor to function correctly. We recommend that you purchase a 60 gallon air compressor so that a full press cycle can be performed before having to re-compress air. It should be set between 140 - 150 psi.



What kind of electrical do I need?


Our rosin presses require 120v outlet and pull 18 amps. We recommend a dedicated circuit.



What are your average yields?

Please see our product page for averages. Keep in mind that it is all dependent on the           quality of the material.



Do the Industrial Extraction presses come with a warranty?


Yes, we offer provide a full year warranty on all our presses for any damage beyond normal wear and tear. If there are any problems please email us at and we can arrange a technician to fix it.



Sounds Great! How can I purchase one?


Please contact us at or give us a call at 425-243-6602 and we can help you through the process.